Message: “Smyrna: Conquering through suffering – Revelation 2:8-11”

Dan Knapp - February 4, 2024

Smyrna: Conquering through suffering - Revelation 2:8-11

Smyrna: Conquering through suffering - Revelation 2:8-11

Next is Smyrna. This church is suffering, they are facing persecution and hardships. They have seen the rise of those who are opposed to the work of God, and yet they are called to endure. What does that look like for them? Can they hold onto God’s sovereignty amidst the hardships and know that He is in control? For more about Christ Central Church Portsmouth visit:​​​​ Or via socials: To connect with us email: or give us your details at

From Series: "Revelation: Revealing Jesus, Creating Conquerors"

Through Revelation: Revealing Jesus, Creating Conquerors, we'll be opening up and exploring Revelation 1-5. The book of Revelation, written by John, is the revelation (you guessed it!) of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God. In Revelation 1-5, we see John’s Vision of the Risen Lord, the letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor and we finish with a glimpse into the Throne Room of Heaven.

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