Kids work is an integral aspect of what we do at ChristCentral Church, not just as part of our Sunday morning meetings, but also as part of our work into the local community.

Our Explorers (school years 1-2) start the morning together with the Adventurers for a high energy worship time, we then introduce the theme of the morning and split into the age groups. One group will have a ‘teaching time’ while the other will do ‘worship and creative prayer’, the groups then swap over. The morning is full of fun, music games and most importantly learning more about Jesus and how we can live a live with Him at the centre.

Take your child to the kids check in point, by the cafe, where they will be taken to their room by the leaders. The children will be brought back to the same place for collection after the service.

We value children and everything they have to bring to the church, and want to provide a safe and fun environment for them to grow and develop their own personal relationship with Jesus.”