Our Team

Every member of ChristCentral has a role in creating the kind of church we’ve been called to be.  This page exists as a snapshot of the people on team that you may need to get in touch with as you make your home here with us.

There is a lot of work that goes on to run a healthy church. In addition to those serving on Sundays and in our mid-week groups, ChristCentral Church is supported by a great team of staff and volunteers in the office.




Adam leads the team and the church in pursuit of our vision.



Church Administrator

Daniel is full time in the office implementing and facilitating the plans of the church, working with all our volunteers.



Student Discipleship Co-ordinator

Amongst many support roles, Lydia runs our Disciple-a-student ministry.



Student and Under-18 Pastor

Dan leads oversees our Under-18 ministries, working with the group leaders to provide teaching and guidance for the young people at ChristCentral.



Graphics Designer

Kirsten uses her graphic design skills to keep our look fresh and inviting.



Admin Support

Dave volunteers in the office, providing administrative support for our regular activities.



Events Co-Ordinator

Debs works to make our events and special Sundays run beautifully.



Media Creative

Paul works with our media to create captivating videos and images to help us achieve our mission.



Loving Our City

Richard works to build connections with other organisations in the city to help us love our city in practical ways.


The Acorn

Christian Bookshop

ChristCentral runs the Acorn Bookshop, serving all Christians in the city, as the last independent Christian retailer on the island. The position of Bookshop Manager is currently vacant.

A biblical church is a church that engages all its members in supporting, encouraging and building one another up.  Life Group leaders are the primary people to turn to if additional care or support is required.  The Pastoral Support Team exists to help Life Group leaders by providing specialist care, and they can connect individuals within the church to others who have gone through similar experiences so that they can journey together.  The five main areas of care are: practical support, relationships, mental wellbeing, financial and life controlling habits.


Pete and Debs

Pete and Debs are trained marriage coaches and have spent years serving churches with their pastoral gift.


Phil and Kat

Phil and Kat lead our Freedom in Christ ministries and are passionate about seeing people released into fullness of life.


Richard and Hilary

Richard and Hilary have years of experience pastoring people from a variety of backgrounds in many situations.


Matt and Yvette

Matt and Yvette have led one of our mid-week groups for a number of years and have a heart to support and encourage others.



Sarah has spent years encouraging members of the church to grow more like Christ - seeing people strengthened by God.


Aaron and Lydia

Aaron and Lydia are part of our Student Team, with experience in many areas of support and care.

John and Alison Martin oversee the pastoral care of the church. To access support you can speak to them on a Sunday, speak to your Life Group leader, contact a member of the Pastoral Support Team directly, or give the church office a call on 02393200184.

The role of deacon was a well-established and vital one for the early church. Working alongside the elders, deacons took on the primary responsibility for practical serving within the church. Deacons are those individuals who are serving the church as the head of a significant ministry area and meet the character qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3: 8-10.




Chair of Trustees

Paul & Katie



Loving Our City

Steve & Claire

Christianity Explored



The church is served by a team of Elders that meet the requirements of 1 Timothy 3.  Elders are primarily responsible for the care of the church and the teaching of the Bible, as we pursue our vision together as a family. The Elders’ wives share the same heart and passion for the church and are a vital part of the team here at ChristCentral.

Adam & Nikki

Dan & Charis

John & Alison

Pete & Debs

Phil & Kat

To find out how you can get connected with serving opportunities in the church, check out our Get Involved page and get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.