Westpoint is a fantastic opportunity for churches from across the UK and further afield to gather together for times of worship, teaching, and lots of fun.

Tim Blaber had this to say about Westpoint:

“There’s something about being together with lots of different people with their own experiences of God’s presence, their own stories, coming together into a fuller, more wonderful experience because you’re joining with so many other believers worshipping Jesus. Obviously, ultimately, when we’re in heaven, we’ll join with all kinds of people who have been saved across all time. That’s just mind boggling to get your head around! The closest we get to a vast crowd worshipping Jesus are at events like these at Westpoint.”

As a church we see Westpoint as an opportunity to bond with each other, fellowship with other like-minded churches, and experience God like never before. It is not to be missed!

When: 22nd – 26th August 2019

Where: Westpoint Arena, Exeter

Bookings are already open. With the ability to spread payments across the year and great value tickets, don’t miss this opportunity. Book on now, and get excited for Westpoint 2018.

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Commission will be uploading the audio recordings from this year onto their website. In the meantime, you can listen to the main meetings recorded from the Westpoint Livestream.