Message: “The Guestlist – Luke 5:27-32” from Steve Macfarlane

Steve Macfarlane - July 24, 2022

The Guestlist - Luke 5:27-32

Luke’s Gospel repeatedly mentions meals Jesus had with all kinds of people in different circumstances - more than the other gospels, but none of these meals were incidental. In Luke's Gospel, he’s either going to a meal, at a meal, or coming from a meal. These meals with tax collectors or with Pharisees were visible demonstrations of what his Kingdom is like. All of this is a foretaste of the future meal we’re made for (Isaiah 25:6-8), and every meal Jesus ate with people was him acting out his invitation to this great feast to come. We can’t cover every meal in five weeks, but we’re picking up five to get a flavour! Christ Central Church gathers in person at the John Pounds Centre, PO1 3HN every week at 10:30AM and live streams here. All are welcome! For more about Christ Central Church Portsmouth visit:​​​​ Or via socials: To connect with us email: or give us your details at

Scripture References: Revelation 4:1-11, Revelation 5:1-14

From Series: "The Feast - Meals with Jesus"

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