Message: “The Missing Body – John 19:38-20:9” from Adam North

Adam North - February 26, 2023

The Missing Body - John 19:38-20:9

In these closing chapters of John’s gospel we are going to look at the final days of the life of Jesus. How does he respond to being betrayed by those closest to him? How does he handle himself in moments of pain, mockery, and torture? How does he approach the cross? And what do his disciples do in response to seeing his resurrected and eating with them again before he ascends to heaven? There is so much drama in the last hours of Jesus’ life; and so much that we can learn about how Jesus treats others in these moments. John’s gospel continues to reveal the heart of God for his people, right to the end. To accompany our Sermon Series, we have produced weekly guides to help you, and provide further study resources. You can find the introduction to this series at You can find some supporting study information at You can find some resources to help engage kids with these themes at For more about Christ Central Church Portsmouth visit:​​​​ Or via socials: To connect with us email: or give us your details at

Scripture References: James 5:13-20

From Series: "John: Part 5"

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